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Android 9.0, GMS, FHD, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, SE4750 2D Imager Scanner, Rear Camera, BT, GPS, NFC(HF), 2G/16G, 35 Functional Keypad, Standard Battery is included and Bullet Proof Film, Hand Strap are attached. Requires Cradle and Power Supply for charging. (s

Код товара 357906
241 272 руб
Терминал сбора данных M3 Mobile model US20 (US20W)

Код товара 463696
80 823 руб
Wire Plate for UL20, Could be required any rope to use it. Included 2 wire plate and screw. (M3 Mobile)

Код товара 342902
2 842 руб
Power Supply: 100240VAC, 12VDC, 3A. Provides power to the 2 slot cradle with UL20. Includes EU power cord. (M3 Mobile)

Код товара 314806
4 215 руб
SL10 2-Slot Ethernet & charging & USB(Host only) (M3 Mobile)

Код товара 314809
7 377 руб
Trigger Handle for US20 (M3 Mobile)

Код товара 364255
15 339 руб
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