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S5130S-28P-HPWR-EI L2 Switch 24*10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+ + 4*1G SFP Ports (H3C) LS-5130S-28P-HPWR-EI

Код товара 450821
81 051 руб
H3C DIN-Rail-Mount 150W PoE AC Power Supply Module for Industrial Ethernet Switches DG-240-5501

Код товара 460296
38 220 руб
PSR75-12A 75W AC Pluggable Power Supply Module (H3C)

Код товара 445716
21 055 руб
S5130S-28S-EI Switch L2 24*10/100/1000BASE-T + 4*SFP+ ports AC (H3C) LS-5130S-28S-EI

Код товара 447782
64 570 руб
S5560X-30C-EI L3 Ethernet Switch(24GE(8SFP Combo)+4SFP Plus+1Slot) w/o PSU (H3C) LS-5560X-30C-EI

Код товара 447784
119 412 руб
S5570S-28S-EI L3 Switch 24*10/100/1000BASE-T +4*SFP+ Ports w/o PSU (H3C) LS-5570S-28S-EI

Код товара 447785
121 278 руб
S5570S-54S-EI L3 Switch 48*10/100/1000BASE-T +6*SFP+ Ports w/o PSU (H3C) LS-5570S-54S-EI

Код товара 447786
180 073 руб
Коммутатор H3C LS-5130S-28S-EI-GL

Код товара 379951
175 614 руб
100G QSFP28 to 100G QSFP28 5m Passive Cable (H3C) QSFP-100G-D-CAB-5M

Код товара 442942
35 312 руб
1.2TB 12G SAS 10K 2.5in EP HDD General Intelligent Disk Equipment Module (H3C) UN-HDD-1.2T-SAS-12G-10K-SFF

Код товара 442944
23 007 руб
H3C WA6630X,Internal Antennas 10 Streams Triple Radio 802.11ax/ac/n Access Point,FIT,Domestic&Overseas Version EWP-WA6630X-FIT

Код товара 442951
72 170 руб
960GB 6G SATA 2.5in RI S4510 SSD Generic Module-i (H3C) UN-SSD-960G-SATA-6G-EV-SFF-i

Код товара 442953
50 468 руб
H3C Fan Module with Power to Port Airflow LSPM1FANSA-SN

Код товара 463183
33 431 руб
H3C WX3500X Ethernet Interface Expansion Module(8GE+2*SFP+) EWPXM1XG03

Код товара 442959
159 649 руб
Трансивер SFP+ 10Gb Module (850nm, 300m, LC) (H3C) 0231A7QE

Код товара 404817
17 779 руб
12Gb 2 Ports SAS RAID Controller(4GB Cache,8 SAS Ports,PCIe,No Supercapacitor) (H3C) UN-RAID-LSI-9460-8i(4G)

Код товара 442962
137 005 руб
Japan AC Power Cable 125V12A,3m,Black,Straight Connector(C14),Straight Connector(C13) (H3C) Cab-PDU-C14-3m-C13-JPN

Код товара 442965
1 868 руб
H3C S5024PV5-EI-HPWR L2 Ethernet Switch with 24*10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+ Ports (AC 370W) and 4*1000BASE-X SFP Ports,(AC) LS-5024PV5-EI-HPWR-GL

Код товара 442966
53 738 руб
25G SFP28 to 25G SFP28 3m Passive Cable(FIO) (H3C) SFP-25G-D-CAB-3M-CM

Код товара 442971
22 108 руб
H3C S5170-28S-EI L2 Ethernet Switch with 24*10/100/1000BASE-T Ports and 4*1G/10G BASE-X SFP Plus Ports,(AC) LS-5170-28S-EI-GL

Код товара 442973
351 227 руб
960GB 6G SATA 2.5in MU S4610 SSD UC Generic Module(CTO&BTO) (H3C) UN-SSD-960G-SATA-S4610-UCS

Код товара 442977
114 408 руб
Fan Module (SW, 4028, Air Outlets in Panel) (H3C) LSPM1FANSB

Код товара 346984
9 272 руб
Fan Module (DW, 4028, Air Inlets in Panel) (H3C) LSWM1FANSC

Код товара 346985
26 648 руб
H3C S6520X-54HF-HI L3 Ethernet Switch with 48 SFP Plus Ports and 6 QSF LS-6520X-54HF-HI

Код товара 442985
572 500 руб
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